About Us

Fabus bitters is an prominent company located at Ibadan with the passion of helping young men who cannot perform better extra-ordinary by taking a cup of fabsu betters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give our customers absolute solutions through natural herbs with no bad side effect. While providing an exceptional level of customer service and support.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure Fabsu Bitters will be renowned for bitter solution as well as delivering fantastic services, by ensuring pride and passion underlines every Fabsu Bitters customer interaction.

Our Values

To ensure we achieve our mission and vision, the team in Fabus Bitters have agreed and sign up to offer quality services that can make every single customer to enjoys their interaction with our company and to make our product an outstanding product

Why Choose Us

The major reason why you should choose us is because of outstanding result that we have been able to produced over the years of existence both locally and internationally.

Cure to premature ejaculation and poor libido/virility

We provide men with a supplement, a natural aphrodisiac plant extract to recuperate and bring back their confidence.

Help to detoxify?

Detox diets, regimens and supplements are supposed to rid your body of toxins acquired from food, lifestyle or the environment. Proponents also say detoxing – or cleansing -- can improve your health and promote weight loss.

Cure to Low Sperm Count or Infertility

Fabus Bitter herbal supplement consists of potent constituents that helps combat infertility in men. Over the years we've had several testimonials.

Perfect Solution to Diabetes and High blood pressure

Fabsu Bitters has been proven as the perfect solution to diabetes and high blood pressure.

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This is our distributor in Canada and he live in 634 Peter Rupert Ave Maple, ON L6A OP5